Safe and healthy work in the digital age


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Priority areas

The ‘Safe and healthy work in the digital age’ campaign is organised into several priority areas, which are promoted using special communication and promotion packs throughout the campaign. Each area covers a specific topic related to the impact of new digital technologies on work and workplaces. A range of materials, including reports, infosheets, infographics and case studies, are released every three to four months to maintain the campaign’s momentum.

In the spotlight

Humans should be in command where AI-based systems for the automation of tasks, collaborative robots and associated technologies are used.


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Clear policies, risk assessment and preventive measures can create a healthy and safe work environment, away from employers’ premises.

Remote and hybrid work


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To support a human-centred, transparent, healthy and safe approach that is based on workers’ participation, consultation and trust.

Worker management through AI


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Improve OSH if managed in a transparent, trustworthy, empowering and understandable way.

Smart digital systems

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Official Campaign partners

European and international enterprises and organisations, both public and private, from a variety of sectors, support the Healthy Workplaces Campaign. They form a network of pioneers, inspiring and encouraging others to successfully manage a safe and healthy workforce. Their engagement is essential to making sure that the campaign messages reach all kinds of workplaces throughout the EU.

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