Official Campaign Partners


Mission Statement

The European Association of Paritarian Institutions (AEIP), founded in 1996, is a Brussels-based advocacy organisation representing social protection institutions, which are established and managed by employers and trade unions on a joint (or paritarian) basis within the framework of collective agreements. The Association has 15 associate and affiliate members – all leading large and medium-sized social protection institutions – from 12 European countries, as well as 13 task force members from three European countries.
Through dedicated working groups, AEIP deals in particular with EU coordinated pension schemes, occupational pension funds, healthcare, unemployment, provident schemes, and paid holiday and health and safety at work schemes in the construction sector. Complementary to their role as not-for-profit social protection providers, AEIP members are also long-term institutional investors. AEIP represents its members’ values and interests at the level of both European and international institutions.

Our campaign pledge

The European Association of Paritarian Institutions (AEIP) is eager to support the 2023-2025 Healthy Workplaces Campaign and to promote "Safe and Healthy Work in the Digital Age". AEIP affiliates provide , among others, health-and-safety at work schemes as well as trainings on occupational safety in the construction sector. Recognising the universal impact of digitalization across industries, AEIP pledges to support the campaign by promoting occupational health and safety initiatives and disseminating campaign materials to its members, thereby effectively engaging both European employers and workers.



Executive Director

As an organization committed to advancing social protection, it is our responsibility to actively promote optimal working conditions for employees. In today's landscape, digitalization profoundly influences the fabric of work in every sector. While presenting numerous advantages such as improved working conditions and enhanced opportunities for occupational safety and health, it also introduces new challenges and vulnerabilities. Recognizing the collaborative efforts of employers' organizations and trade unions in establishing paritarian schemes, we assert that engaging in social dialogue and collective bargaining remains the most effective approach to capitalize on opportunities and tackle emerging threats.