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Priority areas

Each priority area of the campaign covers a specific topic related to digitalisation in the workplace. It is accompanied by a broad range of materials, including reports, infosheets, infographics and case studies

In the spotlight

Offers opportunities to workers if the challenges are addressed by promoting algorithmic transparency, correct classification of workers and workers’ consultation.


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Humans should be in command where AI-based systems for the automation of tasks, collaborative robots and associated technologies are used.

Automation of tasks


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Clear policies, risk assessment and preventive measures can create a healthy and safe work environment, away from employers’ premises.

Remote and hybrid work


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To support a human-centred, transparent, healthy and safe approach that is based on workers’ participation, consultation and trust.

Worker management through AI


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Improve OSH if managed in a transparent, trustworthy, empowering and understandable way.

Smart digital systems