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Advancing faster than any innovation in our history, digital technologies have transformed our society and our daily lives. For workers and employers in many workplaces and in all sectors, digital technology offers increased opportunities but also presents greater challenges and risks in terms of safety and health.

According to EU-OSHA’s 2019 ESENER survey, the vast majority of companies in the EU have integrated digital technologies in their operations, with only 6% of companies reporting to use none of them. But despite the increasing use of robots, laptops, smartphones or wearable devices, less than one in four workplaces (24%) in the EU are having discussions about the potential impact of such technologies on the safety and health of workers.

Aimed to raise awareness, provide practical resources and bring stakeholders together, the 2023-25 Healthy Workplaces campaign is in line with the European Commission’s Vision Zero approach to promote a prevention culture. It also draws on research conducted by EUOSHA for the OSH Overview on Digitalisation 2020-2023