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Mission Statement

Edenred is a leading digital platform easing access to targeted goods and services for people at work. Edenred develops and manages a range of social vouchers’ programmes that are continuously adapted to meet the needs of employers and employees and to improve the quality of life and well-being of employees as well as to enhance their performance at work.
Edenred connects more than 60 million users and 2 million partner merchants in 45 countries via close to 1 million corporate clients and deploys social vouchers in 19 EU Member States. Edenred offers specific-purpose payment solutions for food (such as meal benefits), incentives (such as gift cards, employee engagement platforms), mobility (such as multi-energy, maintenance, toll, parking and commuter solutions) and corporate payments (such as virtual cards).

Our campaign pledge

Edenred is involved within a dynamic process to encourage employers to be engaged to strengthen their employees’ well-being.
Social vouchers create a bridge of communication between companies and other stakeholders, and Edenred will use this channel to recall that “health and safety at work” need to be a concern for all employers and a right for all employees independently from the place where work is performed. Edenred will have both an internal and external approach to communicate on the EU-OSHA campaign purposes.

Bertrand DUMAZY

Bertrand DUMAZY

Chairman and CEO

In a rapidly changing workplace landscape, Edenred stands by its stakeholders – employers, employees, merchants, and public authorities. Recognizing the essential need for daily support towards worker well-being, we've reinvented our offerings with cutting-edge digital solutions: flexible, secure, and efficient. Partnering in the Healthy Workplaces campaign fueled knowledge exchange with experts, guiding our digitalization towards creating truly healthy work environments.