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Mission Statement

Digital transformation has already had a profound impact on the way we work, and it will continue to reshape the world of work in the coming years, particularly through the use of data-driven technologies, including artificial intelligence.

However, the benefits of digital tools must be shared with workers, including more flexibility in the hands of the workers and higher wages.

Also, the challenges that arise from digitalisation must be managed. The failure to guarantee the full respect for the right to disconnect has led to a blurring of boundaries between work and personal life, with negative effects on workers' work life balance and mental well-being. Additionally, while digitalization has the potential to reduce physical workload through automation, it can also introduce new risks, such as occupational accidents, increased task repetitiveness, cognitive overload, and psychosocial demands resulting from continuous monitoring and algorithmic management.

Furthermore, digitalization can contribute to external labour flexibility and precarious forms of employment, which generate uncertainty and stress for workers. It is important to approach digitalization collectively through social dialogue and collective bargaining, taking into account the social implications, the needs of the workers concerned and involving trade unions in the digital transformation process. It is also essential to enshrine the principle of human-in-control in EU legislation.

In 2021, the European Social Partners signed a Framework Agreement on Digitalization, which supports the successful integration of digital technologies in the workplace, investment in digital skills, and the continuous employability of the workforce. The agreement underscores the pivotal role of social partners in ensuring both health and safety, as well as fairness, in the digital realm of work

Our campaign pledge

ETUC is eager to become an Official Campaign Partner of the Healthy Workplaces Campaign, as the objectives and proposed actions of the campaign strongly resonate with ETUC's core priorities. Ensuring fair digitalization within workplaces is paramount for ETUC, and the alignment of the campaign's goals with our focus on guaranteeing OSH protection in the digital sphere makes this partnership a natural fit. ETUC recognizes the imperative of promoting healthy workplaces that prioritize the well-being of workers amidst the evolving landscape of digitalization.

Esther LYNCH

Esther LYNCH

General Secretary

The benefits of digital tools must be shared with workers, including enhanced OSH protection, more flexibility in the hands of the workers and higher wages.