Good Practice Exchange

GPEThe Official Campaign Partner Good Practice Exchange is a truly bottom-up initiative, inspired by the campaign partners’ desire to work ever closer together to achieve better safety and health in their organisations. Since the initiative began in 2012, it has gone from strength to strength.

The Agency is very keen to support this initiative, which it sees as a chance to make its Healthy Workplaces Campaigns sustainable over time and to bring about real change at workplace level. It therefore helped to create a special steering group in 2012, which now meets at least twice a year.

Every 2 years since 2013, a Healthy Workplaces Campaign good practice exchange event and ceremony has been organised jointly by EU-OSHA and its official campaign partners to exchange good OSH practices and discuss key performance indicators that can help to promote better safety and health practices. Furthermore, every year some particularly highly engaged campaign partners host Good Practice Exchange events at their premises and invite the other campaign partners to come along and discuss their experiences.

The engagement and commitment of the campaign partners has been an inspiration — hosting, organising and attending events across Europe. These events never fail to produce thought-provoking debate and fresh ideas. 


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