Official Campaign Partners


Mission Statement

Aleatica is a transport infrastructure operator with a presence in 7 countries in Europe and Latin America. We focus exclusively on designing and operating highways and other transportation assets that respond to the needs of our users and improve the quality of life for our employees and the communities in which we operate. Pillars that guide our long-term commitments: Safety First, Social and Environmental Sustainability, Excellence in Service, Corporate Integrity and Passion for our team.

Our campaign pledge

As our first pillar, we want to contribute to safety through a comprehensive communication strategy. Internally, we will impact more than 2,880 employees through our internal communication channels. With respect to external communication, we will amplify and reinforce health and safety campaigns through various channels: social media, our website and thought leadership activities. We are convinced that, through effective communication and a strong safety culture, we can create a safer and healthier working environment for all of our employees.




At Aleatica we prioritize health and safety, a commitment that we assume with passion and responsibility. In fact, safety is the first of our five corporate pillars. As the CEO of a transportation infrastructure operations company, I like to get involved in establishing links between the communities near our assets, focusing on safety and sustainability. A healthy environment is a safe environment, and the comprehensive well-being of Aleatica's employees is also a key priority.