Official Campaign Partners


Mission Statement

The European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) represents 8 million public service workers across Europe. We are the strong trade union voice that workers need, whether that’s with employers, the European Parliament, the Commission or national governments.

EPSU is the European region of the global public services federation PSI and is also a member of the European Trade Union Confederation.

EPSU works hard to deliver better working conditions, improved health and safety and enhanced rights for our members. By sitting down with employers at a European level, we negotiate best practice agreements that improve the working lives of public service workers and ensure quality services for citizens.

Our campaign pledge

By joining this campaign, EPSU aims to raise more awareness and exchange good practices to promote a healthy workplace in public services.



Secretary General

The increased use of digital tools including Artificial Intelligence (AI) in public services (health, care, utilities, national and local governments), whether delivered by public or private operators, poses many challenges for workers including regarding stress and broader health and safety concerns. EPSU, along with its 8 million members, wants all workers to enjoy safe and healthy workplaces including if they work from home. Moreover, we have a lot of experience with our social partners in digitalisation and its impact on health and safety. In 2022 we struck a sectoral social partner agreement for central governments on a human-centered approach to digitalisation and AI with provisions on health and safety, including the right to disconnect, gender equality, training and the right to privacy. It commits the 19 signatory governments to invest in public sector expertise to regain control over a market-driven digitalisation agenda. The agreement is pending a decision by the Commission to implement it via directive so that it can be implemented in a consistent and coherent way across the EU.