Official Campaign Partners

PEOPIL - Pan European Organisation of Personal Injury Lawyers

Mission Statement

PEOPIL was founded in 1996 by European lawyers as a not-for-profit organisation, to improve and promote judicial co-operation and mutual knowledge across European jurisdictions in the field of personal injury law, as well as to enhance the professionals’ competence in cross-border litigation.
Among its statutory objectives, PEOPIL is committed to fostering the role of the legal process in the promotion of safety and higher standards of care in the workplace, and to promoting and developing expertise in the practice of personal injury law by education and the exchange of information and knowledge, so as to improve the service for the individual seeking justice, to promote higher standards of safety and to encourage the prevention of accidents.
PEOPIL organises international events, in which professionals from across the European Union, the United Kingdom, and all across the world, share mutual knowledge of the latest developments in the field of personal injury law and, among others, occupational safety and health.

Our campaign pledge

PEOPIL will keep its associates (in Europe and around the world) informed about the ongoing Campaign, the risks that digitalisation entails for the safety and dignity of workers, and how governments, lawmakers, scholars, and judges are addressing this emerging issue.
Thus, the Organisation will continue its decennial professional and scholarly activity with strengthened commitment and targeted focus on occupational safety and health law, organising meetings and webinars, as the most effective way to share valuable information and knowledge.




We believe in the need to spread vast knowledge of personal injury and occupational safety and health law, both at a national and EU level, as a means to cope with the risks of digitalisation with complete awareness, as well as to make the most of its possible benefits.
Since its foundation, PEOPIL has been committed to building links with professionals and other European and non-European organisations to achieve this goal.