Official Campaign Partners

CEFIC - European Chemical Industry Council

Mission Statement

It is Cefic’s mission to serve its members actors of the European chemical industry by:
⦁ generating and aggregating scientific knowledge that fosters the purpose of the Association in critical areas,
⦁ offering services and expertise in regulatory, scientific, and technical matters,
⦁ being the voice of the industry in order to create the right support and policy frameworks in Europe and beyond.

Our campaign pledge

Raise awareness by disseminating campaign materials through social media (Linkedin and X) and internal meetings to our network. Activate Cefic Responsible Care companies and national associations to share best practices.



Director General

Protecting worker safety and health is the chemical industry’s licence to operate. From R&D to end-use of chemical products, worker protection is central. Proudly supporting EU OSHA's 'Safe and Healthy Work in the Digital Age' campaign 2023-2025, we're committed to enhancing the well-being of workers across our industry.