Official Campaign Partners


Mission Statement

BusinessEurope is committed to working together with the European Agency for Safety and Health at work as well as other relevant actors to promote the campaign. We will reach out to our member federations and individual companies to raise awareness of the challenges and opportunities associated with digitalisation in the workplace as well as to promote healthy workplaces that efficiently manage the digital transition in line with the key principles of European safety and health legislation. We will reach out to other relevant actors to highlight the need to develop simple, adaptable and effective tools to help companies take action. We will ensure that employers’ views are part of the debate.

Our campaign pledge

The digital transformation will have a huge impact on European labour markets, industrial relations and occupational safety and health practices. As European employers' community, we aim to be at the forefront of tackling this transition as best as possible by harnessing the benefits and mitigating the risks associated with it. Through this campaign, we therefore aim to raise more awareness, share knowledge and best practices among relevant stakeholders and support EU-OSHA in promoting a safe and healthy working environment for everyone in the digital age.



Director General

As fully recognised in the 2020 European autonomous framework agreement on digitalisation, the digital transformation brings clear benefits for employers and workers in terms of improvements in working conditions, new ways of organising work and innovative OSH opportunities. For example, there is good evidence that advanced robotics, which can perform the high-risk or non-creative repetitive tasks, has significant positive potential not only in terms of business productivity but also for health and safety at work. However, the digital transition also comes with challenges and risks related to work organisation, work-life balance and access to technology. Social dialogue plays a key role to tap these opportunities as well as deal with the challenges as part of a partnership approach. The European employers’ community is committed to ensure that all workers can work productively while relying on safe and healthy work in the digital age.