Official Campaign Partners

Ertecna, Lda.

Mission Statement

Company Mission:
To be the company of choice in the safety signage market, offering the best service and products to optimise our customers' profits and improve the safety of citizens.

Our campaign pledge

Sinalux|Everlux has a deep-rooted safety culture that is reflected in the practices that exist in our operations. Always on the lookout for the best available practices, we work to achieve a healthy and safe working environment with reduced risk levels. To this end, we look for appropriate digital solutions that allow us to reduce our team's exposure and make our operations more efficient. We believe that by engaging with our network of contacts within our industry – Fire, safety & Security, HSE and PPE - we can raise awareness and motivate our partners about the challenges and opportunities of the digital age and share information about existing best practice in the safe and productive use of digital technologies.




The values which define Sinalux|Everlux are widely understood to be innovative and customer focused, providing quality products & services whilst striving in tandem to create and promote a workplace which is friendly, safe and rewarding for our colleagues. Digital technologies can offer huge opportunities within the working environment and can enhance & engage the careers of those who work within it, however it also raises new challenges with regard to Health, Safety & Environment (HSE).

One of the key challenges going forward will be the management and integration of human interaction with digital technology to provide a safe workplace which offers an environment within which employees can feel happy and safe. To this end, Sinalux|Everlux are very proud to be Official Campaign Partners of the EU-OSHA campaign 'Safe and Healthy Work in the Digital Age 2023-2025'.

We hope to be able to contribute meaningfully and provide an input which will meet these challenges head on to create and maintain opportunities to actively promote a safe and healthy work environment whilst understanding and integrating new digital opportunities & technology.