Official Campaign Partners

European Federation of Psychologists' Associations

Mission Statement

The non-profit purpose of international utility of the Federation shall be, within Europe and
worldwide, to:
(a) Develop psychology:
i. Develop psychology education, science, and professional practice;
ii. Promote the dissemination of psychological knowledge, to develop a clear image of
psychology and make it accessible, useful and respected;
(b) Contribute to society;
i. Contribute psychological theory and practice to quality of life including health and
wellbeing of people living in Europe and to a democratic and prosperous society;
ii. Represent psychology at the European level, and contribute psychological science to
European policy development;
(c) Serve Psychologists
Support the development of its Full Members and their activities at the national level;
ii. Enhance the standing of the profession and its legal status at the European level,
building a European professional identity based on common values and goals,
equality, diversity, inclusion, multi and interculturalism, mutual respect and
collaboration, mobility, and service to society.

Our campaign pledge

Our pledge focuses on the following 5 points of action:

1- EFPA is focused on wellbeing in the Workplace and is especially keen to disseminate support to occupational health practitioners, HR directors, and managers of SMEs and public organisations with recommendations on digital-based interventions to improve employee well-being and teamwork, using the tools and techniques from the Horizon Europe funded H-WORK Project.

The H-WORK EU Project had the purpose of designing, implementing and validating effective multi-level assessment and intervention tool-kits, evaluating individual and organisational outcomes of the adopted measures and provide further innovative products and services. The aim is to effectively promote mental health, along with policy recommendations for employers, occupational health professionals and policy makers. -

2- EFPA is also engaged in Work and Organisational psychology through our Working Group on the topic This group is also affiliated with the WHO Pan-European Mental Health Coalition's work package to 'Support the promotion of mental health in the workplace'.

Other groups address Mental Health as a cross-cutting issue, touching on issues of health and mental health in various client work settings. For example, in school psychology, when it comes to the resilience of the school as a learning and working environment.

3- EFPA organises the European Congress of Psychology in a different European country every two years. This congress will have a stream on Work and Organisational psychology.

4- EFPA Full Members have the opportunity to organise European semesters of psychology in their country for six month periods. This could represent another opportunity to support the campaign.

5- We will refer to this campaign on the EFPA website. EFPA will also send the link / a summary of the campaign newsletter in our newsmagazine which is issued several times a year.

EFPA will be happy to cooperate with other initiatives of the campaign as they emerge.



Executive Director

Mental health in the workplace is a key focus of EFPA's advocacy efforts. Considering the significant role of work in the lives of European citizens and the connection between economic stability and societal welfare, EFPA emphasises the necessity of promoting mental health and wellness in work environments. This should be a priority and it could be integrated into health and safety regulations to guarantee comprehensive implementation at the national level.