Official Campaign Partners

AGE Platform Europe

Mission Statement

AGE Platform Europe is the largest European network of non-profit organizations of and for older people. We elevate older people's voices, bringing their experiences and aspirations to the table to celebrate ageing and fight for equality at all ages.

AGE celebrates longevity as one of the greatest achievements of humanity. We seek to combat ageism, promote human rights throughout the life course, reduce inequalities and enable everyone to live a full and dignified life.

Our campaign pledge

AGE Platform Europe has been working for several years on the impact of digitalization and new technologies on ageing at work. This issue was addressed in depth in its 2023 Barometer dedicated to employment and the situation of older people in the labour market, aligning with the current OSHA campaign topic.

Participating in this campaign not only allows us to disseminate the AGE Barometer findings to a wider audience but also to distribute OSHA campaign events and key recommendations through our channels, fostering collective reflection on the impact of digitalization on older workers.
The aim of this partnership is to take advantage of the opportunities for improvement that digital and new technologies can bring to better address ageing at work. Participating in this campaign also aims to identify solutions and actions to ensure the availability, affordability, and accessibility of new technologies and how to prevent potential issues such as the clear risk of excluding older workers.

Our support for this campaign will manifest in actively sharing events, activities, insights, and key recommendations from the OSHA campaign across our communication channels and with our members. Additionally, we plan to disseminate the results of the AGE Barometer among OSHA campaign partners and actively participate in training sessions and networking events to exchange good practices and collectively reflect on this crucial topic.



"AGE Platform Europe has been fighting discrimination against older workers since the creation of our platform in 2001. We promote age-friendly labour markets and working conditions to ensure equal employment opportunities for all, based on age equality, non-discrimination and a life-course approach – all of which are essential for sustainable, quality professional careers.

This campaign is an excellent opportunity to continue our work and, in collaboration with OSHA, to highlight the specific aspirations of older workers and the barriers they face in accessing employment to a wider audience. Through the dissemination of the AGE 2023 Barometer – a report dedicated to the employment and empowerment of older people in the labour market in 19 EU member states – and collaboration with OSHA's campaign partners, we aim to facilitate the exchange of valuable information and good practice through our channels."

- Secretary General of AGE Platform Europe