Official Campaign Partners

FIAP - Federación Iberoamericana de agrupaciones y colegios de psicología

Mission Statement

Promote the development and expansion of psychology in the Iberoamerican countries.

Our campaign pledge

We are certain that it will be a significant contribution to spread greater awareness of this problem among decision-makers, employers and workers in the workplace. Our commitment is to involve our members, promoting the construction of healthy workplaces that, in an era of digital transition, redefine success beyond metrics and efficiency, embracing people's well-being as a key factor.




Digital integration, more than a need, is an opportunity for growth in the world of work. However, the sustainability of this growth and the commitment to healthy workplaces depend on the support of psychological science to guide this transition and empower individuals to thrive in an increasingly technological environment. Let's cultivate a mindset that ensures that progress goes hand in hand with people and their well-being.