Official Campaign Partners

SAF€RA / European Technology Platform on Industrial Safety

Mission Statement

SAF€RA shall coordinate research investment in Europe on industrial safety, improving the coherence of research, thus contributing to the development of the European Research Area. SAF€RA will therefore:
• encourage cooperation between researchers from various countries and scientific disciplines;
• create new perspectives and opportunities for safety research to provide industry with forward-looking solutions;
• share emerging societal concerns, knowledge and research results on industrial safety issues in Europe;
• promote research on industrial safety as a competitive advantage and contribute to societal decision making on innovative technologies.

Our campaign pledge

SAF€RA contributes to engage the research community in Europe on the topic of the campaign ‘Safe and healthy work in the digital age’ by mobilizing hundreds of researchers from research institutions, universities and industry.

Olivier SALVI

Olivier SALVI

Secretary General of SAF€RA

Research and innovation should accompany the safe and healthy wortk in the digital age to make sure that the technological progress will benefit safety and not generate new risks.