Official Campaign Partners

CoESS - Confederation of European Security Services

Mission Statement

The Confederation of European Security Services (CoESS) is the voice of the European Private Security Services Industry with national associations in 22 European countries, representing 45.000 companies with 2 million security officers. The main objective of CoESS is to represent and support the growth of an essential services industry that delivers solutions of high quality and professionalism, focused on the selection and development of qualified staff and technology for the benefit of public security.

Our campaign pledge

CoESS is looking forward to work with EU OSHA, its trade union UNI Europa, and the larger cross-sectoral stakeholder community towards a sustainable integration of new technologies into workplaces and services.

The integration of technologies, such as drones and Artificial Intelligence, into security solutions is playing an increasing role in the security services industry. This development can be of great benefit to occupational safety and health, career pathways, as well as quality and effectiveness of services provided to clients and public security. The integration must however follow the values that our organisation stands for: quality in working conditions and training; safety of workers and clients; compliance with relevant law; and trust.

CoESS commits to feed into the Campaign with sectoral expertise and best practices to promote the integration of technologies into workplaces and services according to these values. To further raise awareness of the important topic of safe and healthy work in the digital age, CoESS will promote the Campaign, its activities and outcomes at national level through European Sectoral Social Dialogue and members in 22 European countries.

Catherine PIANA

Catherine PIANA

Director General

At CoESS we see that the demand for and innovation in the integration of technologies into security service solutions is advancing rapidly. From the view of the private security industry, this 4th Industrial Revolution can be of great benefit not only to public security and clients, but also to workers and business operations. Likewise, it is our utmost priority as a European Sectoral Social Partner that this integration takes place in a human-centric and sustainable way for both workers and companies. We are therefore very excited to join the EU Campaign on Safe and Healthy Work in the Digital Age and make important contributions to its activities, which can be of benefit for private security workers and companies in Europe.