Official Campaign Partners

European Network of Safety and Health Professional Organisations

Mission Statement

The European Network of Safety and Health Professional Organisations (ENSHPO) brings together health and safety professional organisations from across Europe. The main objectives of ENSHPO are:
• ensure participation from all of the professional organisations across Europe and represent the views, opinions and concerns of this group
• operate as a dialogue partner with relevant national and international authorities
• co-operate with other organisations, institutions, and federations within Europe and beyond
• primarily act as a forum where practitioners can exchange information, experiences and good practice on a wide variety of pertinent topics
• develop a European-wide recognition of OSH practitioner qualifications and training.

Our campaign pledge

We are health and safety professionals who dedicate our lives to improving, promoting and researching all aspects of the working environment.
We are committed to the campaign "Safe and healthy work
in the digital age" 2023-2025, is maximum, with active participation, through the dissemination, promotion and contribution of our work and research.




ENSHPO is proud to once again support EU-OSHA in its new campaign "Safe and healthy work in the digital age 2023-2025".
While all their campaigns have been about very relevant topics, about the future of OSH, this campaign takes special interest, as it is a new reality that becomes totally new not only for OSH, but for the world of work and society in general.
Through its 5 priority areas: digital platform work, automation of tasks, remote and hybrid work, worker management through AI and smart digital systems, it covers the entire universe related to the technology that today permeates all our lives.
I am convinced that the results of this campaign will provide exceptional knowledge for OSH management, from all perspectives.
ENSHPO will be an active member, as an organization of professionals, contributing our vision, knowledge and experience, with the maxim of creating safer and healthier work environments.
I invite everyone to join this campaign, to promote and spread it, for you, for us, for everyone, health and safety must be a priority.
Thank you EU-OSHA for involving us!