Official Campaign Partners

European Chemical Employers Group (ECEG)

Mission Statement

The European Chemical Employers Group (ECEG), founded in 2002, is a recognised European Sectoral Social Partner, representing employers in the chemical, pharmaceutical, plastic and rubber industry. ECEG via its members provides approximately 3.3 million direct jobs in more than 94.000 enterprises.
ECEG jointly with its social partner, industriAll European Trade Union founded the Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee for the chemical industry.

Our campaign pledge

Ensuring health and safety in the workplace has consistently been a top priority for both ECEG and the broader European chemical industry. Furthermore, our association possess extensive expertise in the realm of digital transformation in the workplace, demonstrated through various projects, such as “The impact of innovation and digital transformation in the workplace” (2018-2019) and “Identifying and Meeting Digital Skills Needs in the European Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Rubber, and Plastics Industry” (2020-2022).
ECEG plans to actively support and promote the activities EU-OSHA campaign through various means of communication channels, including its social media channels (Twitter/X, LinkedIn, Instagram) and monthly newsletter. Leveraging a broad network of experts, stakeholders and its membership, ECEG is dedicated to ensuring the success of OSHA’s 2023-2025 campaign.




"As the representative of chemical employers, ECEG takes pride in being an official partner of the EU OSHA's campaign, 'Safe and Healthy Work in the Digital Age'. The safeguarding of workers stands as a priority within our industry, and employers are committed to addressing health and safety risks posed by digital technologies in the workplace."