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New technologies for safer and healthier workers: the potential of smart digital systems for OSH

Smart digital systems have arrived to advance occupational safety and health (OSH). The use of technologies like artificial intelligence, wearables and augmented reality will be more and more widespread to ensure that wo...

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From assembly lines to hospitals: 8 case studies on integrating collaborative robots with worker safety in mind

Collaborating with robots to make our jobs easier and safer is no longer a thing of the future. EU-OSHA has analysed the use of robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) based systems to automate tasks in workplaces, ...

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Using AI for task automation while protecting workers: eight case studies provide new insights

EU-OSHA has just released eight case studies to understand how automation of tasks via artificial intelligence (AI)-based systems can be successfully implemented to ensure worker wellbeing. The publications examine th...

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Digital platform work: new papers explore workforce diversity and implications for OSH, and initiatives to prevent and manage risks

Digital labour platforms have transformed the world of work and brought new challenges which need to be tackled head-on. While the over 500 platforms currently active in the EU create employment opportunities, their work...

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Get ready for the European Year of Skills and join EU-OSHA's efforts for safer and healthier workplaces

The European Year of Skills is launched on Europe Day, 9 May 2023, by the European Commission. The year, which will last until 9 May 2024, aims to raise awareness of the importance of skills for employment, competitivene...

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