Official Campaign Partners

European Association of Chemical Distributors

Mission Statement

Fecc is the voice of the Chemical Distribution Industry in Europe, with an active membership of companies and national associations. Fecc serves very diverse audiences and communities by representing around 1,600 companies, including:
- all the actors in the chemical value chain and beyond
- ranging from producers to end users,
- all segments, chemical and beyond (bio-based material, recyclates),
- of entities of all sizes: vast majority are small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), but we have also big multinational companies onboard,
- from Europe, our core area of responsibility, and beyond.

The sector stands for more than 30,000 highly qualified jobs directly and four times as many indirectly. The vast majority of distributors in Europe are small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), many of which are family-owned with long-standing close ties to the regions there are operating in. Furthermore, the European chemical distribution sector creates more than €28 bn turnover each year by adding value in the chemical supply chain and beyond, while meeting the demand and specific needs of over 1 million downstream users of very diverse sectors such as pharmaceuticals, construction, paints & coatings, agriculture, cosmetics, food & feed, automotive. Distributors are in midst of all value chains. Also the services rendered by distributors can vary greatly and can comprise functions like logistics & packaging, formulation, recycling, research & development, innovation, training, regulatory and technical advice, and warehousing.


Our campaign pledge

Health and safety are a priority for Fecc. This campaign is a great opportunity to raise awareness on the risk and opportunities of digital technologies in workplaces of the chemical distribution sector and within our community, which consists of diverse workers in all application segments and all supply chain functions of the chemical industry´s supply chain, thus covering truck driver apps, robots in warehouses as well as digital platforms. At Fecc we are excited to be part of the campaign and contribute to its success by planning diverse promotional activities (online and offline) to target the chemical distribution sector (jointly at national and international level via our members) and its workers. We aim at raising awareness in our industry, especially all the SMEs, so that everyone has the right tools to find the right solutions to cope with the digital transformation of work.

Dorothee ARNS

Dorothee ARNS

Director General

Fecc is proud and honoured to be a long-standing partner of the EU-OSHA campaigns, because safety and health at the workplace is one of our top priorities. Being a partner of the EU-OSHA Healthy Workplaces ‘Safe and healthy work in the digital age’ campaign is a key milestone in Fecc's activities. We also see it as an excellent opportunity to raise awareness of important work-related issues, such as the safe and productive use of digital technologies in transport & logistics. Since we also represent the entire chemical value chain, we appreciate exchanging learning experiences as well as best practices within the entire chemical distribution sector and our value chain partners.