Official Campaign Partners

Europe Region World Physiotherapy

Mission Statement

Advocate for health policies.
Lead, promote and represent the physiotherapy profession in Europe.

•Is the health profession with expertise in movement and exercise prescription.
•Involves specific interventions to individuals and populations where movement is threatened by illness, ageing, injury, pain, disability, disease, disorder or environmental factors. Such interventions are designed and prescribed to develop, restore and maintain optimal health.
•Is integral to all spheres of health and well-being including its promotion, prevention and rehabilitation and encompasses physical, psychological and social factors.

Europe Region World Physiotherapy unites the physiotherapy profession in education, practice, research, and advocacy.

Our campaign pledge

The Europe Region of World Physiotherapy is committed to contributing to the joint success of the campaign "Safe and healthy work in the digital age 2023-2025" in the following ways:
1. Expertise and knowledge sharing: We will actively contribute with our expertise and knowledge in musculoskeletal health to develop and share relevant resources, guidelines, and best practices. The Europe Region of World Physiotherapy will collaborate with campaign partners to provide evidence-based insights and recommendations, ensuring the accuracy and effectiveness of the information provided.
2. Resource development: We will develop high-quality resources that align with the campaign's objectives. These resources may include educational materials, guides, infographics, videos, and tools aimed at promoting safe and healthy work practices in the digital age. We will ensure that these resources are accessible, practical, and user-friendly, supporting individuals and organisations in implementing preventive measures and managing musculoskeletal disorders effectively. Our Working Group on MSDs, composed by experts in the matter, is already drafting a position paper about MSDs in the age of remote work and a booklet with examples.
3. Dissemination and awareness: The Europe Region of World Physiotherapy will actively promote the campaign through various communication channels, including our website, social media platforms, and email newsletters. We will raise awareness about the campaign's goals, key messages, and available resources. We will encourage our network of professionals, employers, and employees to actively engage with the campaign, share information, and adopt safe work practices in their digital work environments.
4. Collaborative initiatives: We will actively engage in collaborative initiatives with campaign partners, including joint events, webinars, and content creation. By working together, we can leverage collective expertise, amplify the campaign's reach, and ensure a unified approach to promoting safe and healthy work in the digital age. We will actively participate in meetings, discussions, and working groups to share insights, contribute ideas, and drive forward collaborative projects.
5. Research and data: The Europe Region World Physiotherapy recognises the importance of data-driven approaches to address musculoskeletal health in the digital age. We will contribute to relevant research initiatives and collaborate on data collection and analysis efforts to enhance understanding of the impact of digital work on musculoskeletal disorders. We will share our findings and contribute to evidence-based recommendations for improving work environments and practices.
6. Policy advocacy: The Europe Region of World Physiotherapy will actively advocate for policies and regulations that promote musculoskeletal health in the digital age. We will collaborate with campaign partners to influence policy decisions, contributing to the development and implementation of guidelines that prioritise ergonomics, promote physical activity, and address the specific challenges posed by digital work environments.
7. Continuous support and engagement: Our commitment to the campaign's success extends beyond its launch period. We will continue to support and engage with the campaign through ongoing collaboration, resource updates, and sharing of best practices. We will actively monitor developments, emerging research, and industry trends to ensure the campaign remains relevant and responsive to the evolving needs of workers in the digital age.
By actively sharing our expertise, developing resources, disseminating information, engaging in collaborative initiatives, conducting research, advocating for policies, and providing continuous support, the Europe Region of World Physiotherapy aims to play a significant role in making the campaign "Safe and healthy work in the digital age 2023-2025" a joint success.



General Secretary

The Europe Region of World Physiotherapy applauds EU-OSHA’s initiative to address this issue.
Within this campaign we will focus on the topic of "remote work” building on the knowledge and lessons learns from the previous EU-OSHA campaign.
We have all witnessed that the shift from traditional in-person work to remote work has been a significant trend in recent years, especially accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. There are obvious advantages to telework, but it can also be a contributing factor to a more sedentary lifestyle.
Our aim will be to explore and promote methods and tools through which organisations can help mitigate the potential negative impact on physical activity levels and reduce the risk of MSDs among remote workers.
Digital age is no longer the future, it is the present, and as such it should be treated as an immediate priority