About the topic

Who should be involved?

It is important to go beyond the bits and bytes and put people at the centre of the digital workplace. For this reason, it is essential that everyone works together to prevent workplace risks related to digitalisation. Collaboration between employers, managers and workers creates a common understanding of the issue and leads to lasting improvements.

At the same time, employers have a legal responsibility to ensure that workplace risks are properly assessed and controlled. Effective risk assessment and prevention require employers to keep themselves and their workers well informed and trained.

In addition to addressing workers and businesses, the goal of the campaign is to increase awareness among EU and national policy- and decision-makers who are responsible for legislation, strategies and actions.

EU-OSHA has also invited the OSH research and technical community, software and industrial designers and start-ups to participate. Everyone’s contribution can make a difference, no matter how small an effort may seem!

Want to find out more about the impact of new digital technologies on work and workplaces? Are you interested in raising awareness about the digital transformation of work and how it influences workplace safety and health? Get involved in the campaign and make a difference!