Official Campaign Partners


Mission Statement

“Putting our people at the heart of the green transition for a fair and inclusive move towards climate neutrality within the Telecoms sector” .

The European social partners in the telecom sector, ETNO and UNI Europa ICTS, have committed to focusing on the twin transition and sustainability as a key element of their social dialogue work programme in order to ensure significant progress on carbon neutrality within the industry. As a result of this Accelerating Sustainability in Telecom (AST) project, we aim to understand the potential of new technologies to enable the twin transition in Telecoms, their impact on skills needs and the labour market in the sector, and the role that the social partners can play to help fast track this transition.

Our campaign pledge

ETNO is fully committed to actively promoting the EU Digital campaign alongside its members. In alignment with this commitment, we have made the strategic decision to place special emphasis on this campaign during the upcoming plenary meeting of the EU Social Dialogue Committee.

At this gathering, we will highlight the most recent milestone in our collective efforts—the joint agreement we've reached with Uni Europa ICTS on remote work. This comprehensive agreement encompasses a dedicated section on Health and Safety, underscoring our unwavering commitment to the wellbeing of our workforce. Furthermore, it includes a range of proactive prevention mechanisms, all of which are poised to provide substantial support to the EU Digital campaign.

Our shared dedication to ensuring the health, safety, and overall welfare of our employees is at the core of ETNO's Social dialogue working group’s mission. By weaving these principles into the very fabric of our agreements, we demonstrate not only our solidarity with the EU Digital campaign but also our determination to foster a harmonious, secure, and innovative work environment for all. Together, we look forward to making a significant impact through our collective actions.



Director General

“The European telecom is committed to delivering a digital future and safeguarding the wellbeing of our workforce. The 2023-25 Healthy Workplaces campaign reminds us that as we connect the world, we must also connect hearts and minds, prioritizing safety, equity, and humanity online, but also offline. Renewing this partnership is a natural continuation of the ongoing efforts carried by ETNO in the sphere of health and safety at work.”