Media partner Gesunde Arbeit covers workplace digitalisation and Austria’s occupational safety and health network meeting with William Cockburn

In its latest magazine issue, Austrian media partner Gesunde Arbeit explores the opportunities, challenges and risks posed by rapid digitalisation in the workplaces. The magazine features several stories related to the application of new technologies, such as robotics and AI, platform work, occupational safety and health (OSH) training in virtual reality, and digital taylorism (task standardisation through the use of information technology). The Healthy Workplaces Campaign 2023-25 'Safe and healthy work in the digital age' is extensively featured in the publication as well.

Alongside the magazine, Gesunde Arbeit has launched a collection of videos showcasing discussions with experts in OSH, labour, and digitalisation. The videos dive into a variety of subjects, including digitalisation's impact on workplace safety and health, strategies for humanising digital work environments, addressing risks and enhancing working conditions for delivery riders, navigating the challenges posed by artificial intelligence (AI) concerning worker protection, and advocating for the right to disconnect.

The media has also recently highlighted the meeting between William Cockburn, EU-OSHA Executive Director, and Austria’s OSH network members, which took place in Vienna. During the event, organised by the Austrian National Focal Point (FOP), Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Wirtschaft, Mr. Cockburn emphasised the vital role of national networks in raising awareness of OSH topics as well as the Healthy Workplaces Campaign. In a fruitful exchange, the national stakeholders and Executive Director agreed on the importance of improving working conditions on the national and European level.

Adding to the wide range of activities, Gesunde Arbeit informed about a film screening in Innsbruck. The event, held by the Austrian FOP in collaboration with the Austrian Chamber of Labour, showed the film "Human Not Human," which received a special mention from the jury at the 2023 Healthy Workplaces Film Award. The evening included an expert panel on digitalisation. Dietmar Elsler, Project Manager at the Prevention and Research Unit of EU-OSHA, participated offering valuable insights.

Visit Gesunde Arbeit's website to read the full magazine and related articles in German, and access expert videos on the media's YouTube channel. Updates surrounding the national network meeting can be found on X and Facebook pages as well as announcements about the film evening, which are also available on X and Facebook.