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Toyota Material Handling Europe

Mission Statement

Bringing exceptional efficiency to material handling operations

Our campaign pledge

With our continued partnership with EU OSHA and the new campaign 2023-2025 ‘Safe and healthy work in the digital age’, we want to strive for a working environment that is safe, healthy and productive for employees and customers. Effective management of safety and health risks in the workplace, benefits everyone involved. It is good for workers, good for society as a whole and good for business.
This new campaign aims to raise awareness about the impact of new digital technologies on work and workplaces and the associated occupational safety & health challenges and opportunities. Our strong believe is, the campaign will only be successful if everyone is well informed and we will therefore share knowledge and material in appropriate forums, use the material as guidelines when new activities and processes are created and make sure to stay informed on new facts




(We return home) Safe, Healthy and Balanced after every working day
Our employee’s Health, Safety and Wellbeing is our single most important priority and the very prerequisite for sustainable
business success.
Even with digital technology becoming ever more important, people will remain at the heart of our business