Official Campaign Partners

Selena FM

Mission Statement

Modern and matching solutions for modern construction. Providing products and solutions for the needs of modern construction, created for and in cooperation with professional builders.

Our campaign pledge

As Selena Group, we want to raise awareness among our employees through virtual reality training.
We want to regularly distribute the materials received from the campaign organisers to our units located around the world.
We also plan to organise internal training on the topic of work safety in the digital world, as well as actively promote the campaign on our social media platforms. Cooperation with one of Wrocław's universities is a key element of our plans - by sharing our knowledge with the young generation that will soon enter the labour market, we intend to support the success of this initiative even more effectively and expand its reach



Member of the Management Board for Operations

Today's digital world, with technological innovations constantly appearing in virtually all industries and innovations aimed at improving our reality, presents both opportunities and major challenges. This new present has a significant impact not only on workplace safety, but also on its culture. Every company should openly embrace the improvements brought by the digital age, but also pay constant attention to ensure that the health and well-being of employees always come first.
At Selena Group, we strive not only to shape modern workplaces, but also focus on modelling safer spaces where technological innovation goes hand in hand with concern for employee safety and comfort.
Through developing digital applications used to collect and analyse EHS data, among other things, we are continuously improving the monitoring of safety levels in workplaces. Using virtual technology, we are improving training processes for employees, making them aware of their own body's reactions in a safe way in the event of a real life and health-threatening situation.
By joining the campaign, we aim to make our digital future not only efficient, but above all safe for everyone.