National Focal Points

Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veterans and Social Policy


Mission Statement

The Occupational Safety and Health Directorate was established in 2006, as department of the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs of the Republic of Serbia.
The Occupational Safety and Health Directorate is responsible for harmonization – that regulations are in compliance with EU and ILO regulations, gathers and analyzes data on occupational injuries, occupational diseases, work-related diseases and situations or conditions that affect worker’s health. It monitors the work of legal entities and entrepreneurs, as well as authorized and licensed entities, prepares decision proposals for issuing and suspension of licenses, organizes counseling, educates employees, employers, safety and health at work representatives, inspectors, etc. publishes various materials and informs public on condition in the field of occupational safety and health, encourages education and work culture in occupational safety and health, takes care of awarding national recognition in occupational safety and health and organizes professional exams.