Official Campaign Partners

Council of European Employers of the Metal, Engineering and Technology-based Industries

Mission Statement

Ceemet is the European employers' organisation representing 200,000 companies of the Metal, Engineering and Technology-based Industries, providing 35 million jobs directly and indirectly. We are a sectoral social partner at the European level.

Our campaign pledge

Ceemet is committed to working with all stakeholders to highlight effective methods of ensuring safe and healthy work in the digital age. As one of the sectors leading on the digitalisation of industry, we look forward to bringing our wealth of experience and knowledge to this latest EU-OSHA campaign. Furthermore, through our membership, we intend to continue to raise awareness of this pertinent issue at a national level.

Delphine Rudelli

Delphine Rudelli

Director General

The MET industries have been at the forefront of the digitalisation of industry for many years. Therefore, the topic of this EU-OSHA campaign is particularly pertinent for our sector. While we are aware that digitalisation within industry plays a role in creating OSH challenges, the same holds true for the multitude of solutions it provides. As a long-time campaign partner, we look forward to highlighting our vision of how we can ensure safe and healthy work in the digital age during this latest EU-OSHA campaign.