Campaign toolkit


Suitable for:

Larger organisations with higher financial resources.

How could they be used?

Videos can be used as information and educational material to distribute to the press or to show to the audience at events. They can also be shown at exhibition stands.


  • Visual clips have the power to grab people’s attention and reinforce your message.
  • If disseminated via TV or online, they can be viewed and shared by a large audience.


  • Videos can be expensive to produce, as you will need the appropriate equipment and expertise for the filming and editing.

Structure and content

  • Try to tell a story. Don’t be boring or ‘preachy’.
  • Try to think of ways to present your message in an informing and imaginative way to capture audience attention:
    • You could show the dramatic reconstruction of an accident. This could be completed showing the steps that need to be taken to avoid such incidents.
    • You could show the consequences of irresponsible behaviour by featuring victims that are suffering due to health and safety failure in their workplace.
  • Be practical: Show good and bad practices.

Ideal duration

It's best to keep the video between 3-4 minutes to avoid losing your audience’s interest.


Make the video available to view or download online.