Campaign toolkit


Suitable for:

All types of organisations.

How can this be used?

Newsletters are a useful way to keep people regularly updated with important information, for example about the launch of a campaign and campaign messages. Newsletters can be either printed or issued online.


  • Easy to disseminate (especially via email)
  • Ensures your partners or target groups are updated on a regular basis.


  • Biggest problem is often finding enough stories to fill more than one edition
  • Having the time to get each issue out on time.

Content and layout

  • Try to keep your stories short and crisp.
  • Break up large articles with sub-heads to make them more inviting.
  • Clearly brand the document so people know who it is from.
  • When it’s a printed newsletter, encourage readers to look inside by indicating what stories are on the other pages.
  • Use captions to images to tell and support your main story:
    • If a photograph shows a new product, for example, don’t just say ‘the new product’. Instead, put something like ‘The new product can reduce exposure to noise pollution by 15%’.