Campaign toolkit

Campaigns - general

Suitable for:

All types of organisation

What is it?

A campaign is an organised course of action to achieve a particular goal. It commonly uses a series of communications tools to share a message and raise awareness about a topic. Any or all of the tools featured in the toolkit can be used to form part of a campaign.


  • Raise awareness of occupational safety and health (OSH) problems, including their causes, amongst managers, employees and people who advise them on these issues, for example medical professionals.
  • Provide practical solutions through ‘good practice models’.
  • Increase workforce knowledge of relevant legislation and encourage organisations to comply with this
  • Alert people to new risks and possible solutions.
  • Obtain support for changes to legislation or guidelines.
  • Position your organisation as an OSH authority and a valuable partner.


  • Can be expensive/time-consuming to run

  • Difficult to reach smaller groups

Ingredients for a successful campaign

strong message and clear goals are the very basis of any campaign. These help you determine who you should be speaking to (target audience) and how you can best reach them, i.e. which campaign tools you should use. As with most endeavours, a campaign requires sufficient input in terms of effort and motivation to be truly successful.