Campaign toolkit


Suitable for:

All types of organisations

How should it be used?

The aim of a poster is to deliver a simple, uncomplicated message to its audience. It should provide a clear flow of information from beginning to end. If there is text on the poster it should remain short. The font should be clear. Posters often contain powerful or eye-catching images.


  • If well designed and attractive, a poster can be very memorable.
  • It should engage and encourage the audience to seek out further information.


  • The very nature of a poster is that it is uncomplicated and does not overload the audience with information:
    • For example, if the poster advertises a large event it will not contain the name of every speaker and every topic covered.
    • It is imperative therefore, that the link to the relevant website is clear on the poster.

Poster design and content

  • The poster should:
    • Reflect the campaign identity and catch the attention of the audience.
    • Not just state the same thing as the other written materials in visual format.
    • Deliver a short clear message preferably in an attractive, clever or generally unique way.
    • Be understandable without verbal comment.
  • The company/organisation’s logo should be visible and it should contain a link to the website.
  • If it is advertising an event it is imperative to include:
    • Date
    • Location
    • Time
    • Participation fee.