Campaign toolkit


Suitable for:

All types of organisations


  • Leaflets are useful for providing key information that has a long shelf life, for example key messages of your campaign
  • You may choose from a variety of formats, enrich the texts with pictures and a striking layout.
  • Leaflets can be distributed during fairs, events and press conferences
  • They can serve as material you can share with your business partners.


  • Once printed, you cannot easily update the leaflet.
  • It is usually a document containing very general information that may not be of interest to specialised audiences and long-standing partners.

Leaflet/Brochure Design

  • The leaflet/brochure should:
    • Be visually striking
    • Use short sentences and simple language.
  • Always respect your chosen visual identity and keep key elements visible: e.g. claim, logo and website.
  • Use your corporate colours and typography in the text and visuals. This will help reinforce awareness of your organisation and underline its consistency and professionalism.
  • Use high resolution files and choose your images carefully.