Campaign toolkit


Suitable for:

Organisations running bigger campaigns and events.

How could this be used?

Gadgets or gifts can be used as promotional materials to you give to your target audience to draw their attention to your campaign. They might include branded pens, bags, t-shirts, hats, etc.


  • Gadgets have long-life and people keep them as a souvenir.
  • They will remind your target group about your campaign and your organisation.


  • Producing gadgets involves costs. But, when produced in bulk, they are usually cheaper.

Choosing appropriate gifts/gadgets

  • Think carefully about your message and your target audience. What sort of give-away fits in with the message and tone of your campaign?
  • Be clever and innovative. If your campaign is to reduce Repetitive Strain Injury in office workers, why not produce a mouse mat reminding them to take a break or featuring some exercises to prevent such injuries for example.


  • Always adhere to your campaign’s visual identity and keep key elements visible:
    • Message/slogan
    • Logo
    • Website
  • Use your corporate colours and typography in the text and visuals. This will help reinforce awareness of your organisation and underline its consistency and professionalism.

How many items to produce

Be realistic about the quantities you’re likely to need and the budgets involved. The larger the order, the cheaper your unit costs will be. But think carefully about how many items you’re likely to need.