Campaign toolkit


Suitable for:

All types of organisations.

How could this be used?

Photos may be used in marketing material, on a website, and as an addition to your press releases and editorial articles. They can also give a visual illustration of your campaign and its messages.


  • A professional, high-quality photo can be re-used for different purposes.
  • Good photos are memorable, especially on posters.
  • Well used, striking imagery can really reinforce your campaign message.


  • If you don’t have your own photos, you may have to buy them, which can be expensive.

Image selection

  • Ensure that you have the appropriate image license and rights to use the image.
  • Ensure that the imagery you select reinforces your campaign, and doesn’t detract from it.
  • Ensure you have the photographs in the appropriate size and format. If you’re looking to reproduce your photo in printed material or in large scale adverts, be sure to use the appropriate image resolution and size.