Campaign toolkit

Direct mailing

Suitable for:

All types of organisations.

What is it?

  • Direct mail letters are a popular medium for reaching large numbers of named individuals.
  • You can reach your audience either through e-mail or with traditional mail.


  • Direct mailing can be a cheap and fast way to reach your target group.


  • We all receive numerous emails and letters each day. You run the risk that your mail will not be noticed or even classified as junk mail or spam.

Distribution of mail

  • In the workplace you can use the internal mail system.
  • If you don’t have your own database of external names, you can easily buy a list from a marketing or direct mail specialist in your region.
  • To target a sector, a trade association may let you use their mailing list.
  • Trade unions, employers’ associations, etc. may also be willing to include your information with their regular mailings. Nevertheless, collect contacts, business cards and build your own mailing list.
  • Address your letter to a named individual.
  • Remember to update your mailing list regularly to avoid a situation such as sending a mail to a Director who is no longer in that position.

Document content and layout

  • Highlight key sub-messages with italics or sub-headings. Or break them out with bullet points to help readers scan the letter quickly.
  • Research has shown that people nearly always read the PS in a letter:
    • Use this as your ‘call to action’
    • Remind readers what you want them to do, why and when.
  • Your heading should incorporate your main message or ‘sales’ proposition.