Üle 90 partneri kogu Euroopast teevad koostööd, et luua ohutu ja tervislik töö digitulevik

Eri sektorite organisatsioonid kogu Euroopast on liitunud 2023.–2025. aasta tervislike töökohtade kampaaniaga selle ametlike kampaaniapartneritena. Need avaliku ja erasektori ettevõtted ja ühendused etendavad kampaania e...



Everything there is to know about digital platform work, the first priority area of the ‘Safe and healthy work in the digital age’ campaign

Having food delivered right to your doorstep, building a website programmed remotely by a professional, getting a taxi in minutes through an app or finding a technician online to repair your broken boiler are activities ...



The complexities of digital platform work analysed by EU-OSHA expert and PuntoSicuro

In a new interview with our media partner PuntoSicuro, Dr. Maurizio Curtarelli, Senior Research Project Manager in the Prevention and Research Unit at EU-OSHA, explores the newly launched priority area digital platform w...



Empowering Women in Science: EU-OSHA addresses gender equality in digitalisation

This year, on 11th February, the International Day of Women and Girls in Science centres around the essential role of women and girls in science and their contribution to the achievement of sustainable development goals....



FIOH introduces short quizzes to promote occupational health and safety awareness in the digital age

Finnish Institute of Occupational Health aims to rise awareness about safe and healthy work in the digital age through playful online quizzes.In the first quiz of the Campaign, you can test what kind of remote and hybrid...