EEN OSH Ambassador

Fundacja Rozwoju Przedsiębiorczości im. Prof. Jerzego Dietla (The Prof. Jerzy Dietl Foundation for Promotion of Entrepreneurship)


Mission Statement

The Prof. Jerzy Dietl Foundation for Promotion of Entrepreneurship (FPE) is a non-profit foundation (NGO) established in 1990. The mission of FPE is to develop the spirit of entrepreneurship. FPE provides training, consultancy and information services.
Since 2008 FPE has been the Enterprise Europe Network centre dedicated to the Łódzkie Region. Since 2011 has been playing a role of OSH Ambassador. Strong co-operation with The Central Institute of Labour Protection – National Research Institute and The Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine helps to promote safety and health at work.
FPE initiates aimed at developing and building knowledge-based economy.
Since the beginning FPE has been a partner and coordinator of numerous pilot national and international projects, in modern management, export development, IPR protection, OSH, corporate social responsibility, employability in the EU and many others.