Campaign toolkit

Social Media Kit

Suitable for:

All types of organisations.

What is it?

A handy resource designed to encourage and support your target audience in multiplying your campaign messages throughout their social media activities. The Kit is usually an online collection of ready-to-use and downloadable posts, visuals, videos, and other content formats which can be offered customized for different social media platforms. The Kit should be constantly updated with new items and provides organisations with engaging and easy to multiply content able to attract a broader audience, spread key messages and increase outreach.


  • By building and integrating a social media kit into your website, you provide your audiences with quick and easy solution to spread your campaign with their own social media voice.

When to use it?

• To raise awareness about your campaign, social media are amongst the most powerful communication tools. • To strengthen your social media presence and increase engagement. • To increase the visibility of key messages and activities. • To create cohesion between the social media posts related to one single campaign.

How could it be used?

Organisations can use the Social Media Kit tools in two different ways: they can either select and post content through their social media accounts or use it as an inspiration to create their own unique messages.

How to get the most out of your social media

• Publish content on a regular basis. • Use a balanced mix of relevant, specific and popular hashtags. • Publish (translate) content into your language. Discover EU-OSHA’s Social Media Kit!