Campaign toolkit


Suitable for:

All types of organisations.

What is it?

Facebook is a social platform that in its own terms “helps people communicate more efficiently with their friends, family and co-workers”. It has over 500 million active users across the world.


  • Facebook is now one of the most popular social platforms and it allows for cost-free presence.
  • It’s a great opportunity to reach users that wouldn’t be normally interested in OSH topics. It also allows your campaign message to spread very quickly (on the condition that you have a large fan base).


You may choose between different ways of appearing on Facebook, e.g.:

  • Event page
  • Organisation page
  • Private profile
  • Facebook ads

You may create an organisation page of your institution and an event page for an event run during the campaign.

According to the latest Facebook rules, private profiles should only be created for individuals.

Remember who Facebook users are. Majority of them are not specialist in OSH topics.

Therefore avoid academic language. Think what information you can share with ordinary people to raise their awareness in OSH field.

  • Use visual materials. You may upload your campaign posters or photos.
  • Interact with the users. Respond their questions.
  • Facebook is a network: Benefit by connecting your page to the pages of other organizations.


At the beginning you will have to put more effort to collect fans and it is necessary to keep the page active with fresh material to engage with these fans.