Campaign toolkit


Suitable for:

All types of organisations.

What is it?

Flickr is one of the largest photo management and sharing applications in the world. It helps individuals and organisations to make their photos readily available online. It also provides a variety of ways to organise your photos. Registered users can upload photos and video to the site, either publicly or privately. If the photos are public, anyone can search and find them.


  • Flickr gives you a possibility to put all your galleries at one place.
  • They’re easily accessible and for instance journalists can download your photos from the web easily.


  • You do not have direct control over how your photos could be used.
  • Best used only for additional/supplementary campaign material.

How could it be used?

  • During a media campaign, you may wish to make a selection of suitable photos available and send the links to journalists or other organisations.
  • Depending on the usage rights for the photo (you can determine this when uploading them) people can download and forward them. It is also possible for users to comment on your photos.
  • You can also add your photos to any relevant ’groups’, sharing them with other Flickr members.