Campaign toolkit


Suitable for:

All types of organisations.

What is it?

Instagram is a social media platform that allows users to upload photos and videos and share them with selected groups of followers or a wider audience.


  • Instagram is one of the most popular and highly engaged community-building social media platforms.
  • It is a powerful tool to promote organisations’ activities, and campaigns.
  • It enables organisations to connect with their target audiences in a visually appealing and engaging way.

When to use it?

•To show online the organisations’ personality in a creative way. • To strengthen social media presence. • To increase the visibility of key messages, visuals, events and activities. • To broaden an organisation’s audience and attract new public.

Creating a presence on Instagram

Create a username easily relatable to the organisation, such as @companyname. Upload your logo as a profile picture, so that your organisation’s corporate identity can be easily recognised by users. Instagram is a great tool when it comes to suggesting users other organisations belonging to the same field. Therefore, feed the and follow as much as possible organisations linked to the OSH world. On Instagram it is possible to publish different types of content: • Posts, which can be a single photo, a slideshow of max. 10 photos, a video or a mix of photos and videos. Posts are meant to stay permanently on organisations’ profiles. • Stories, namely vertical posts that automatically disappear after 24 hours but that can be archived on organisations’ profiles in the form of a slideshow. • Reels, which are 15 to 90 second vertical videos aimed to entertain or inform the audience.


• It is necessary to keep the account active and differentiate content to engage effectively with followers and feed the algorithm. • Success of the posted content is not guaranteed as it depends on algorithms, engagement level, number of followers and effectiveness of hashtags. • To promote content more effectively, it may be necessary to pay for some features.

How to get the most out of your Instagram

• The style of your writing must be conversational, clear and concise. • Interact with users and respond to their questions. • Publish eye-catching visuals, in order to grab users’ attention and spread key messages. • Use meaningful hashtags in your posts, in line with the content.