Campaign toolkit

Networking events

Suitable for:

All types of organisations.

What is it?

This kind of meeting gathers key campaign multipliers, through which the campaign messages will be disseminated. Networking meetings may take place at the beginning at the campaign (if for example it is a kick-off meeting) or at the end of a campaign. Their main objective is networking and sharing your message.


  • A great occasion to communicate key messages with your partners.
  • You can communicate personally and answer your partners’ questions on site.


  • Organisation may be time consuming (planning the content, inviting partners, preparing the venue) and costly.

Organising and structuring the event

  • Choose the time and place.
  • Make sure you invite all participants in good time:
    • Send a ‘save-the-date’ note to ask participants to keep their diary free.
    • Then follow up with the full invite.
  • Think of the content:
    • How and what do you want to communicate to your partners?
    • Do you want to organise a lecture or a workshop?
    • Prepare a programme that you will send together with the invitation.
  • Present goals, strategy and tools of the campaign.
  • Allow your partners to pose questions.