Campaign toolkit

Content focused events

Suitable for:

All types of organisations.

What are they?

These events could be:

  • Conferences and seminars
  • Trade/professional shows
  • Promotional road shows
  • Local exhibitions
  • Private shows or launches.

The main purpose of these events is to promote your organisation in general, or one of the organisation’s new products, tools or services. Their objective is to inform, to disseminate information.


  • A great occasion to communicate key messages with your target group about your campaign and your organisation.
  • Audiences at these specialised events already have Occupational Health & Safety knowledge so the goal of these encounters is to build on this knowledge with appropriate information and content.
  • You can communicate personally and answer your audience questions on site.
  • Opportunity to collect contacts.


  • It usually involves a lot of energy and time to organise such an event, but it’s definitely worth doing!

Planning the event

Plan carefully:

  • Think about the people that will be attending the event. Consider their knowledge and information needs and prepare your content accordingly:
    • For example, if you are organising a seminar on the latest legislation, some prior knowledge can be assumed. Nonetheless, a recap is always useful.
  • Will you have space for branding and information materials?
  • What can you offer your audience to keep your message in mind?
  • Think about a person that can speak to the audience about Occupational Health & Safety topics:
    • It could be a specialist or a spokesman from your organisation.
    • Bear in mind that it should be a person that can deliver your message in an easily understood way.