Campaign toolkit

Events for stakeholders

Suitable for:

All types of organisations.

What are they?

Events, such as round tables, workshops and conferences which aim to bring together specialists and stakeholders to discuss an issue. For example, current Occupational Health & Safety legislation or threats to worker safety such as safe maintenance.


  • Each of the events above is a good opportunity to strengthen co-operation with your partners.

How can they be used?

  • Their main objective is to develop common positions among participants, to share information and best practice and for networking.
  • They can have a media element to them, but this is generally not the event’s primary aim.


  • Events are usually limited to one target group so may not be suitable if you’re trying to reach a broader audience.

Round tables and workshops

  • The smallest events tend to be round tables and workshops. They are also the most interactive. They aim to bring together a limited number of people to discuss an issue and try to find common ground.
  • These are most appropriate when you want to share knowledge with a small group of people (up to 50).
  • These formats could be used ahead of your campaign to prepare, develop your campaign tools, bring on board partners, etc.

Seminars and training events

  • Examples of slightly bigger events include seminars and training events. These tend to have a more educational aspect.
  • There should be a clear agenda or message that the organiser shares with the participants. Participants will of course react to the message and provide comments, but it is not the same open process as in a workshop.
  • This could be a good format if you want to train multipliers on a particular aspect of you campaign.


  • The events which potentially involve the greatest number of participants are conferences.
  • They could also include an element of media communication.
  • They could also be open to the public.