Campaign toolkit


What should the focus be?

The focus of exhibitions is on creating a presence and showing your organisation to a wider audience. While content is important, visibility and letting your audience know you are there is the priority, so be creative and engaging.


  • Thanks to such an event you can attract an audience and inform them about the most important messages of your campaign.
  • If well organised, the event will be remembered by your audience.


  • These events are usually expensive and they involve time and energy.

Plan your exhibition stand

  • Use strong colours and visuals to catch people’s attention.
  • If possible, have interactive demonstrations that involve visitors to your stand. A video could be shown.
  • Have a simple clear message, focusing on features and benefits:
    • This should be visible from some distance.
    • Put supporting information and less important messages in smaller type faces.
    • Keep all information to a minimum as most people will only spend a few minutes at your stand.
  • Include literature stands so visitors can take away information:
    • Check the predicted attendee numbers.
    • You need to have enough supplies of the right materials.