Survey on preferred format for user instructions for Personal Protective Equipment

User Instructions are essential for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and need to be provided with each product. However, the format in which they are provided is not necessarily printed but could be digital.Also, for ...



Quick guide to purchasing, installing and commissioning a collaborative robot

This guide aims to be an aid from a preventive point of view for those companies considering the possibility of acquiring, implementing, and using a collaborative robot. Its objective is to inform about the applicable re...



Tehtävien automatisointi digiaikana: mahdollisuuksia ja haasteita

Kehittyneen robotiikan ja tekoälyn käyttö tehtävien automatisoinnissa on yhä yleisempää työpaikoilla EU:ssa. Sen avulla työntekijät voivat delegoida arkisia ja riskialttiita toimintoja pois itseltään turvallisuuden ja ta...



Media partner Gesunde Arbeit covers workplace digitalisation and Austria’s occupational safety and health network meeting with William Cockburn

In its latest magazine issue, Austrian media partner Gesunde Arbeit explores the opportunities, challenges and risks posed by rapid digitalisation in the workplaces. The magazine features several stories related to the a...



Irish media partner ‘Health & Safety Review’ analyses the changes that digitalisation brings to the workplace

An article by Health & Safety Review examines the occupational safety and health (OSH) challenges and opportunities introduced by digital technologies in the workplace. It features insights from OSH professionals acr...