Campaign toolkit

Press kit

Suitable for:

All types of organisations

What is it?

A press kit is an information pack you have prepared to give to journalists.


  • You could use a press pack for a press conference or for any encounter you are organising that will involve the media (meetings, trade fairs and exhibitions, conferences, workshops, etc.).


  • It may involve more costs if you consider preparing, for example, DVD's or USB sticks.

Items to include

The press kit should include:

  • A press release.
  • A background info sheet on your campaign.
  • Short biographies and quotes of speakers and ambassadors of the project (if any are involved).
  • A DVD or USB stick with some pictures or a video about your campaign.
  • A business card of the spokesperson for the campaign.
  • You can’t include all of the details of your campaign but you need to include key information to help the journalist understand the central issues:
    • Always try to have hard data and facts.
    • Try to include practical examples or case studies.

The information you give should be up to date, factual, accurate, comprehensive and well presented.

Packaging the press kit

  • Press kits are best presented in a folder that could have your organisation’s standard branding or that could be specific to the campaign.
  • You could also have an online version of a press kit on your website, perhaps placed in the media section.